While I began with fanfiction, I've enjoyed creating fanworks in different media.


Although a fair number of my works remain in exchanges, fests, and writing games and have not yet been archived, much has been transferred to the archive.


As an alternate yet equally satisfying creative outlet to writing, I've embarked on podficcing. Most of these can be found in the archive.


I create covers for my podfics and some of my fanfiction, as well as occasionally for others. A few are available in the archive.


I've created a few fanvids for various projects, and am still determining how to make these available.


I dabble a bit in fanart.


I've been expirimenting with fannish bookbinding, and may share projects in the future.


Due to chronic health issues and other matters, I took a large step back from fannish involvement, particularly writing events and modding c. 2016-2020. I'm slowly working my way back to more participation.

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